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The use of sheet for buildings has many advantages: heat reduction and energy saving, anti graffiti, anti fading or security providing greater resistance.



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Its usage in store windows enhances safety and prevents discolouration of vulnerable elements without sacrificing visibility.

In the example of safety stalls and sentry boxes, it boosts the comfort and visibility of the employee during the most crucial hours, during dusk and dawn.

Solar laminate buildings In the center of towns, anti-graffiti laminate retains tens of thousands of euros in window cleaning. Cosmetic vinyl adds privacy to spaces without forfeiting outdoor lighting or needing to vertical walls.

For people in single-family houses with big windows or south-facing apartments which get too much light (and therefore heat) the solar movie for buildings is a fantastic remedy to boost comfort in the house and help you save energy.

Obviously, because of our buildings, we also utilize the very best brand available on the current market.


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